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If we forget about health and time, probably the most precious thing one can have is a box full of ideas. Hey, even one good idea can be worth millions, especially since it’s not that easy to gather a bunch of ideas under the ...Read More


A friend of mine asked me about some project he should work on. To be more accurate, he wanted to start working on something to sell, but didn’t have a clue on the topic. “Some Twitter tool,” I said, and it seems I was ...Read More


Despite the global economic problems, the Internet continues to grow with each day, and this opens doors to people who are willing to spend some time and money to try starting an online store. Some will succeed, some may fail, but if you do ...Read More


One of the most interesting things I’ve read about the near and not-so-near future is the forecast regarding evolution of commerce. What about it? Well, online shopping becomes more and more popular, especially in emerging countries, and the same happens with ecommerce shopping cart ...Read More


For me, WordPress is pretty easy to use, but I must be a fool to admit that using it and harnessing its power is something as easy as it gets for someone facing its first blogging script. Sometimes, people simply need to share things ...Read More


Having content from a bunch of websites gathered in the same page is nothing new. After all, there are a plenty of startup pages that are doing the job well, like Netvibes or iGoogle, but what about those people who want to have a ...Read More


Every time I see a CMS that’s even easier to setup and use than everything I knew until that moment, I wonder where is this headed to. After all, we may soon see a CMS that only requires a click on a link, followed ...Read More