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WordPress Cheat Sheets

Everybody loves cheat sheets. This is a handy way of solving problems quickly. Obviously, I like them too. If you’re also a WordPress user and programmer, these cheat sheets I found on can be valuable for you, too. They contain most common functions ...Read More


I just found a solution to one of my problems, and I am really happy about it! I really must have some beers later today to celebrate this, and since I see no reason in telling you all the story, the very short version ...Read More


These days, most sites try to embrace Web 2.0, or at least allow their users to do more than a few years ago, and uploading files is one of these actions. After all, everyone’s bandwidth is at least a few times higher than it ...Read More

Code Beautifier Plus

Here’s a quick one today – a new code beautifier that simply provides you the beautified code, without having to install anything on your server. Why install something on your server to beautify code? Take a look at SyntaxHighlighter and you’ll get your answer, ...Read More


One of these days, I’ll celebrate my birthday. This is no big deal to me, but I told you that because my birthday is one of the few such days I never forget. Other than that, I find it pretty hart to remember even ...Read More

Drill Down Menu

Almost a decade ago, I had a personal site. That kind of site with a few pages that nobody is visiting, you know… but there’s one thing I will always remember – working on the graphics with more than just one program. In fact, ...Read More

jQuery Hotkeys

While online pattern generators and the others are pretty interesting, I am sure coders aren’t crazy about them, so I decided to gather all the courage I could find and step into the code land. That doesn’t mean we’ll leave Web-based resources for Web ...Read More