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No screenshot today, sorry. I know, ending the week talking about a script without a screenshot seems to be a bit sad, but don’t worry – usually, webpage quiz applications don’t need screenshots, since they are highly customizable, and their looks depend on what ...Read More


Sometimes, I really think about starting a career in programming, and the only reason for this is my laziness. Just think about this – when I write stuff, I have to write it all by myself, and I only quote various sources from time ...Read More


If we forget about health and time, probably the most precious thing one can have is a box full of ideas. Hey, even one good idea can be worth millions, especially since it’s not that easy to gather a bunch of ideas under the ...Read More


As we all know, and some of us even feel it, the global economy seems to cool down. Unfortunately, for some people, things are really frozen, but at least when it comes to online shops, there’s still a pretty solid chance to succeed. Sure, ...Read More


While I can work in a team, I usually hate teamwork. The main reason is the fact that my work could be influenced by other’s mistakes, but I can’t say I am really that much into other people, either. These being said, I’ll turn ...Read More

Bubble Engine

Some say bubbles are useless when it comes to graphic effects for your site, but I disagree with that. Sometimes, they can be really funny, just like a bubble bath – somehow useless, but surely a lot of fun! Today, I’ll give you a ...Read More

Lucid Desktop

A few years ago, Web-based operating systems promised to become the way of the future. Unfortunately, most of those who were making everyone go “Wow!” back then disappeared in the meantime, so it’s always good to see new ones rising from the ashes. This ...Read More


Sometimes, I really want to kill the people behind sites with multimedia content. Fortunately, it’s about those sites with loud background music starting automatically, and no obvious Mute button. When it comes to slideshows and animated banners, I usually have nothing against them. Hey, ...Read More


Could you live without sites like YouTube or Vimeo? I think I could, but that would surely be a pretty boring life! Sure, that won’t happen anytime soon, especially since it becomes easier with each day to add media elements to your website. Today, ...Read More