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One of these days, I will go out and start shooting. No, I am not crazy – I’ll take pictures, I won’t shoot anyone! Anyway, guns are illegal here, so we’ll stick to a bunch of images being displayed in a browser. Obviously, it’s ...Read More


Microsoft’s Silverlight is trying to steal a serious slice of the market share the ubiquitous Adobe Flash managed to grab so far, and maybe even outrun it. If any of these will happen, that remains to be seen, but since some people are already ...Read More


Any serious designer shouldn’t mess with Web-based site creation tools… or at least that’s what I was almost sure of some years ago. Now, I think that using online resources like Wix can’t hurt, at least in the early stages of a site’s development. ...Read More


These days, delivering multimedia content gets more and more interesting with each day. I am not thinking about the low prices of HD cameras and the impressive amount of storage offered by most portable drives available these days, because sometimes you don’t need to ...Read More


The way of the future seems clear – online, multi-user apps, with development cycles as short as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean the old ways will disappear, or that standalone desktop applications will see a very abrupt decline, it’s only the fact that ...Read More


Ever had a diary? I know that most boys think this is a girls’ thing, but I will confess I had a diary, and I still have it lying around somewhere. On the other hand, I never added pictures to it, just some random ...Read More