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The Aero-look has been around for ages, Vista only made it really popular (don’t tell me that more than 10% of those using Vista/7 now and enjoying the transparent interface and the effects coming with it ever used Stardock products or even heard of ...Read More


HTML5 is the way of the future. Flash must die, at least when it comes to sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. If this will happen or not, that’s what remains to be seen, but until then, it’s my pleasure to tell ...Read More

Nivo Zoom

No matter if you have problems with your eyes or you simply want to see a close up of some image you found on the Internet, you’ll usually end up zooming in and out. Sure, you can copy the image, paste it into your ...Read More


In the long run, I really think that HTML5 may be able to kill Flash. If the iPad continues to gain market share, that would also help (it seems most people don’t care too much about those iPad problems, after all…). Anyway, this is ...Read More


I am sure this is not the first time or the last time I confess I am having problems managing my time, but this is a sad truth of my life I have to live with. While others envy people with expensive cars, nice ...Read More


These days, online multimedia content seems to grow at a scary rate. As long as we’re talking about original work, I don’t think “scary” should find its place in the previous sentence, but things are quite different, unfortunately, because this growth comes with a ...Read More


If you’re into using Javascript toolsets, then you surely have to take a look at Qutensil, shortly referred to as “Q.js.” The reason? Well, according to its official page, this toolset “was developed from dissatisfaction with the existing toolsets.” Good, so what’s so special ...Read More


Some say social bookmarking websites are useless, and I agree to that, at least to a certain extent. As long as you don’t rely only on them to drive valuable traffic to your site, that’s fine. While I know quite a few notorious websites ...Read More


One of my morning “rituals” includes jumping around the house, having some fruits, and then checking email/news, as well as spending a few peaceful moments enjoying some images, usually professional pictures of fruits/vegetables/remote places. No need to get into detail more than that, but ...Read More