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If I think how many programmers are working on various projects these days, it’s always great to find a standalone program or a Web-based tool claiming to be the first one doing… something, it doesn’t really matter what. After all, most people I know ...Read More

Password Strength

What is a secure password? Sure, “John” is completely trivial, especially if your account name is John Doe, but is “12John93” much better? How long would it take for someone to hack your email account and get access to the confidential data that could ...Read More


Some time ago, creating menus for a site was nothing less but art. I only said “menus,” yes? Good, because when talking about animated menus, we were already stepping into “Voodoo land” already, at least for most people using the Internet back then! Now, ...Read More


Web-based operating systems could be the future… but only if all those into making viruses and hacking remote systems or stealing credit card information would suddenly disappear, so I think we won’t get to see anyone simply using Windows or Linux as a gate ...Read More


As I confessed some time ago, I am a lazy person, although sometimes I even surprise myself by being completely the opposite. Anyway, if I would be actively involved into Web development, I am sure that finding the right plugins and frameworks to work ...Read More


For a pretty long time, I lived without a clock or a cell phone, that after having both of them. I can tell you that dropping those two devices that turn you into a slave is a real blessing, but – unfortunately – you ...Read More

jQuery Blend

These days, I think that a brilliant Web developer with a bit of talent in design can come up with amazing stuff without even touching Flash or Silverlight. Sure, I know people who unleash magic with Photoshop and a plain text editor like Notepad, ...Read More