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Once you start writing on a blog, you’ll also start adding images to your articles, too. So far, so good, but if we forget about copyright and image optimization issues, there are still some image-related things we should take care of, and having nice ...Read More


As far as most people know, Rialto is the most notorious bridge in Venice. If you missed seeing it so far, go ahead and do it, it’s surely an objective a serious tourist must see, but if you’re a programmer… there’s a different Rialto ...Read More

Clean AJAX

Since I confessed my laziness already, today I will take one more step forward and tell you that I hate cleaning up. Don’t get me wrong – I love having everything in order, only that I can’t stand moving things around, wiping the dust, ...Read More


Considering all the stuff we see around, the idea of a completely online OS gets closer and closer to reality, although I wouldn’t ever use such a thing and allow it to handle all my personal data as I do with the current OS ...Read More


No, the title is not wrong. I understand unusual capitalization of certain brands, but when somebody decides to use “tablesorter” as the name of a product, that’s a bit above my ability to understand. Anyway, we’re not going to talk about the name, this ...Read More


I hate being watched. Unfortunately, no matter what some people may say, we’re headed to a point where we’ll be watched 24/24, no matter what we’ll do. Call it “new world order,” call it as you like, but I am afraid that’s the destination ...Read More