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Ladies and gentlemen, now’s the right time for another image gallery script! What makes me say this? Well, yesterday I messed with some pictures of mine (trying to put some shots together into a HDR image, stuff like that), and that made me think ...Read More


I usually hate Web-based editors, and I am not delighted with the ones coming with WordPress, either. Well, sometimes you have to go through Hell and back while performing various online tasks, and that’s why I try to avoid using Web-based editing tools as ...Read More

Tetris With jQuery

Do you remember Dos Navigator? Probably not, and I won’t tell you too much about it, only that this was a very good file manager for MS-DOS, and one of the features I loved was… Tetris! Yeah, a file manager with Tetris built in, ...Read More


If you’re one of those who don’t like to see their own passwords as they type (very useful when you’re in a room with people you can’t actually trust), password masking is a good idea, but it also has its weak parts, especially that ...Read More


Integrating various media files to your website gets more interesting with each day, as the number of noobs surfing the Internet increases. I didn’t say it with a bad intention, it’s just the fact that older people getting to discover the World Wide Web, ...Read More


Zooming in certain sites is often needed, especially by people with various vision problems. While there are plenty of programs/browser plugins built to help you zoom in a certain page, and most browsers also have zooming capabilities right out of the box, implementing area ...Read More


Ever wondered if Vista would be able to run inside a Web browser? Sure you haven’t, this is simply insane, but it seems a lot of insane things are happening on the Web these days… and qWikiOffice is one of those sweet crazy things ...Read More


I am not JavaScript-powered, but I kept flipping around last night. Oh, yeah, the heat… but since I mentioned flipping, let’s take a look at a useful jQuery plugin that will make your webpage content flip like a card, shall we? Jon Raasch is ...Read More