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One day, I think the grocery next to the building I live in will release some JavaScript library. I know it sounds insane, but seeing BBC releasing such a thing is also a big surprise, so why not think ahead? OK, OK, I admit ...Read More


While some people can’t start a day without having a glass of milk, I have no problem missing that part, as long as I eat something. This morning, for example, I had an awesome tuna salad made by my own hands, but I won’t ...Read More

AutoGrow Textarea

Goood morning, people! I love things that don’t require “user intervention,” and that includes naturally cool mornings in summer, without the help of any air conditioning device. Well… my wife opened the windows a few hours ago, and that’s all, and if we step ...Read More


Now that Firefox 3.5 is out, I think that Adobe Flash is facing a serious threat. Of course that nothing big will happen in the next few months, but I dare to go as far as saying that HTML 5 will find its way ...Read More


Today, I have a headache. A serious headache, and that’s why being efficient is more important today than usual. If I think well, programmers get headaches more often, and it usually happens because of some coding problems. In my case, it’s because some air ...Read More


I have a dream, you know… I dream that, one day, delivering content will be 100% about the idea, and 0% about the work behind it. I will talk to a smart piece of software and describe how I want my next Web-based project ...Read More


We all know that most blogging tools and virtually any CMS you can think of include some image posting capability, but creating slideshows/image galleries isn’t something you can easily achieve. Just when I think about my (failed) attempts at adding image galleries to a ...Read More


I just found a solution to one of my problems, and I am really happy about it! I really must have some beers later today to celebrate this, and since I see no reason in telling you all the story, the very short version ...Read More