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NETEYE Activity Indicator

Another week is reaching its end and I don’t think there’s a need for a “weekend loader indicator,” although the idea would be really nice – have a display somewhere showing how much of the weekend loaded, with the 100% mark being reached on ...Read More


This week will be a cold one, at least according to most weather forecasts I checked so far. Sometimes, I even had to zoom in to be sure I’m not mistaken – 26 Celsius below 0??? Fortunately, it seems I’ll have around 10-12 below ...Read More


Finally, a brand-new CMS! Well, it may be true that ProcessWire already reached version 2.0, but as long as it’s new to me, we’re talking about a brand-new CMS, all right? 😉 According to the official page, ProcessWire was created “to bridge the gap ...Read More


The Web would be really sad without stars, don’t you agree? No, no, this has nothing to do with NASA, people like Lady Gaga, Shakira or other star-related things. This is all about creating an Ajaxed star-based rating system, so let’s take a quick ...Read More


A few days ago, I discovered a brilliant game made using HTML5. This game is Z-Type, but we won’t be talking about it today. I brought it up simply to highlight the great things that can be achieved thanks to HTML5 and now we’ll ...Read More

Agile Uploader

I love smart scripts. I really enjoy when I get to earn more time for thinking, instead of working on repetitive tasks. For example, let’s think about image uploading and resizing. No matter what I use to resize the files, this operation requires my ...Read More


I know it doesn’t sound right, but I think that Google Maps is now more important than Google’s notorious Internet search service. Obviously, I have my reasons, and the most important of them is the fact that you can’t spam Google Maps… … and ...Read More

So So Social

I think the World Wide Web should be renamed to WWSN. What do you think? WWSN should stand for “World Wide Social Network,” at least the way I see it. Good idea or bad idea, this surely reflects the reality of these last few ...Read More