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No screenshot today, sorry. I know, ending the week talking about a script without a screenshot seems to be a bit sad, but don’t worry – usually, webpage quiz applications don’t need screenshots, since they are highly customizable, and their looks depend on what ...Read More

Bubble Engine

Some say bubbles are useless when it comes to graphic effects for your site, but I disagree with that. Sometimes, they can be really funny, just like a bubble bath – somehow useless, but surely a lot of fun! Today, I’ll give you a ...Read More


Sometimes, I really want to kill the people behind sites with multimedia content. Fortunately, it’s about those sites with loud background music starting automatically, and no obvious Mute button. When it comes to slideshows and animated banners, I usually have nothing against them. Hey, ...Read More


Could you live without sites like YouTube or Vimeo? I think I could, but that would surely be a pretty boring life! Sure, that won’t happen anytime soon, especially since it becomes easier with each day to add media elements to your website. Today, ...Read More


Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! No matter where I turn, it seems I can’t escape it. Oh, well, you know how they say… “If you can’t beat them, join them!” Today, I will do exactly that, so I’ll tell you a few words about another Twitter-related ...Read More


Those who claim that intelligence is sexy may be right, after all. Why? I never thought about programming/code to be sexy, and I wasn’t expecting to see a jQuery library with such a smart branding as Sexy.js. Now, they only need a theme song… ...Read More


HTML5 is the way of the future… am I right? Right or not, I know it’s not the first time I say this, and I bet it’s not the last one, either. There are plenty of reasons to say this, and seeing video players ...Read More


The Aero-look has been around for ages, Vista only made it really popular (don’t tell me that more than 10% of those using Vista/7 now and enjoying the transparent interface and the effects coming with it ever used Stardock products or even heard of ...Read More

Nivo Zoom

No matter if you have problems with your eyes or you simply want to see a close up of some image you found on the Internet, you’ll usually end up zooming in and out. Sure, you can copy the image, paste it into your ...Read More