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I am sure this is not the first time or the last time I confess I am having problems managing my time, but this is a sad truth of my life I have to live with. While others envy people with expensive cars, nice ...Read More

Kish Multi

If you have multiple blogs, you need a simple tool to maintain all of them very simple and easy. Kish Multi is a perfect tool for you. It helps you to maintain multiple blogs from a single blog. Kish Multi uses Ajax, this way ...Read More


One of my morning “rituals” includes jumping around the house, having some fruits, and then checking email/news, as well as spending a few peaceful moments enjoying some images, usually professional pictures of fruits/vegetables/remote places. No need to get into detail more than that, but ...Read More


If I think how many programmers are working on various projects these days, it’s always great to find a standalone program or a Web-based tool claiming to be the first one doing… something, it doesn’t really matter what. After all, most people I know ...Read More

Password Strength

What is a secure password? Sure, “John” is completely trivial, especially if your account name is John Doe, but is “12John93” much better? How long would it take for someone to hack your email account and get access to the confidential data that could ...Read More


Some time ago, creating menus for a site was nothing less but art. I only said “menus,” yes? Good, because when talking about animated menus, we were already stepping into “Voodoo land” already, at least for most people using the Internet back then! Now, ...Read More


For some, Twitter is like Eden, while others consider it a plague. To be honest, I think that the Twitter plague is closer to the truth than the other version, but since everyone seems to be so crazy about it, a little jQuery Twitter ...Read More

jQuery Blend

These days, I think that a brilliant Web developer with a bit of talent in design can come up with amazing stuff without even touching Flash or Silverlight. Sure, I know people who unleash magic with Photoshop and a plain text editor like Notepad, ...Read More