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Facebook here, Facebook there, “like this” all over the Web… “like us on Facebook,” come on!!! I hate this, really! I got a Facebook account long before it became the New Mecca of the Web, but the more it becomes popular, the less I ...Read More


A few years ago, I was seriously considering to build and host a server of my own but, in the meantime, I discovered that my needs could be easily taken care of with only a fraction of the money required for my own server. ...Read More


If you are a web developer you need to test your website. For this you will need to install a webserver, PHP, MySQL, etc. You can install them manually, but you will lose a lot of time and is not worth it. It’s not ...Read More


Tired of that old and sluggish phpMyAdmin? Maybe not, but I surely had enough of it, and today MonoQL surely came to me at the right time and in the right place, just like a wave of fresh air in the middle of Mexico ...Read More

Surreal Todo

I am tired of not being able to organize my time properly. The funny thing is that, from time to time, I manage to solve this problem but, somehow, I find all my time management reduced to a mess again after a while… so ...Read More


When it comes to MySQL clients, I would usually go with the standalone Windows programs, but it seems all those I used so far end up causing some problems, sooner or later. Sure, it may be just my bad luck, but all I can ...Read More


I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have to share various documents with people who are a bit paranoid. In most cases, it’s about some pictures from a party, but this also applies to work-related data, and when it comes to sharing something ...Read More


As we all know, and some of us even feel it, the global economy seems to cool down. Unfortunately, for some people, things are really frozen, but at least when it comes to online shops, there’s still a pretty solid chance to succeed. Sure, ...Read More

Lucid Desktop

A few years ago, Web-based operating systems promised to become the way of the future. Unfortunately, most of those who were making everyone go “Wow!” back then disappeared in the meantime, so it’s always good to see new ones rising from the ashes. This ...Read More


Managing PPC campaigns can be pretty easy or a “headache generator” like never been seen, it all depends on the tools you’re using to get things done. To be honest, I usually go for affiliate programs, but the fact that I didn’t get rich ...Read More