The Best Free Stock Photos Websites

Every webdesigner needs a stock photos website. Depending on the budget, you can use a paid stock photos website. But if your depend on a tight budget you can use a free stock photos website. But first, what are the differences between free and paid stock photos websites?

If you choose a paid stock photos website, you will get high quality professionally shot photos and are available in different sizes. But even if you pay for the photos there are some using restrictions or you will see that you can use the photos in commercial projects. There are no restrictions for the free stock photos, but you will have to digg if you want to find some quality photos. Also if you found some great photos you will already see them on different websites.

One of the best website for free stock photos is Stock Exchange. On Stock Exchange you will find more than 400.000 photos divided in 15 categories. Also here you find nice tutorials on how you can manipulate and process your photos. On their forum you get answers for any question you have about photos and photography. The only restriction for the photos are: you can’t use the photos in porn sites or as part of a trademark, service mark or logo. If you want to use the photos in a website or any material you want to sell, you will have to ask for permission. is another website for free stock. The pictures are sorted in the same 15 categories as Stock Exchange. You can use the photos even for Corporate use. But the main problem is that you can use for free photos with small resolution 267 x 400. This is why you can’t use them for a bigger project. The prices for the other resolutions are from $3 to $10.

If you want an website that offers photos/images with a better quality, you can try everystockphoto. is more than a stock photos website. everystockphoto is a search engine for freely licensed photos. Here you can find images with a resolution of 3718 x 3718. Before downloading the photos you should read carefully the license and the disclaimer.

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