For some, Twitter is like Eden, while others consider it a plague. To be honest, I think that the Twitter plague is closer to the truth than the other version, but since everyone seems to be so crazy about it, a little jQuery Twitter plugin won’t hurt at all, I am sure of that.
While there’s also a WordPress plugin with the same name (take a look at it here), the Tweetable piece of code I have here today is only a lightweight jQuery plugin that will enable you to easily display your Twitter feed on any site you may be working on.

If the above is not enough, you should also add that Tweetable does more than simply displaying the feeds, since you can also highlight @replys and links are dynamically generated, making it all much easier.

The official page I mentioned earlier also has some useful advice about usage and the various Tweetable options you can use, as well as a demo page. I think these should be more than enough to get you started with this freely available piece of code, don’t you think?

Compatiblity: tested in IE, Firefox and Safari, probably works in other major browsers, too (problems noticed in IE7, so I guess IE6 and IE7 are out of question)


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