As I confessed some time ago, I am a lazy person, although sometimes I even surprise myself by being completely the opposite. Anyway, if I would be actively involved into Web development, I am sure that finding the right plugins and frameworks to work with would be one of my top priorities. Sure, the reason is that having ready-to-roll pieces of code around would allow me to get the job done faster… and continue to enjoy my laziness, of course! 😉
UIZE is a pretty strange name, at least until you read the magic words on the official site, these being “you eyes,” how you pronounce it according to its creators. This is a open source JavaScript framework able to deliver a lot of power in a object oriented environment that supports widgets, DOM, AJAX, templates, and then some.

Provided under the terms of the GNU GPL license, UIZE is currently being used on Zazzle, and that should say it all. Currently, UIZE implements JavaScript Inheritance, JavaScript Events, JavaScript Modules, JavaScript Libraries, JavaScript Templates, JavaScript Widgets, JavaScript Localization, JavaScript Documentation, JavaScript Code Compression, JavaScript Build Scripts, as well as many others, and its development is still far from being over.

Since the official site provides a lot of information on it, I’ll leave you enjoy UIZE and move on, but fiiirst…

Compatibility: most sources claim UIZE is fully compatible with IE, Opera, and Firefox, but I am sure Google Chrome or Maxthon users won’t have any problems, either (anyway, no matter what browser you may be using, JavaScript must be enabled)

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