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As you probably noticed until now, we usually stay away from standalone software for a single platform here, on WebDev3000. Well, today we’ll talk about Vectorian Giotto, a program that only works with Win 2000/XP/Vista/7, so in case you’re wondering why is this happening, I can only tell you two words: free and awesome. Ready for it? Let’s go!

According to the official mumbo-jumbo, Vectorian Giotto 3.0 “is the free Flash animation package made for you to design, not to code.” While Adobe’s Flash is slowly moving away from designers to coders (according to the official Giotto page I mentioned above, the introduction of ActionScript 3 lead to simple actions like a button click to require 10x more coding than before!), Giotto provides a familiar interface and all the tools required to get some quick Flash work done without having to code your heart out. Even more, it doesn’t cost a single penny! 😉

The features list looks pretty solid, including a built-in editor for color palettes, vector drawing tools, filters… not to mention that rich collection of templates that allows you to have a simple banner ready in a matter of minutes. Ssssss-mokin’!!! Other than all these, I think I can only add a minor drawback – the documentation is only available online, but since Giotto is such a great product, I think we can overlook this minor issue, don’t you think? After all, you only need to remember that Vectorian Giotto is one hell of a Flash tool, great for both amateur and professional designers and, since it comes for free… why not give it a try? Good luck!

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  1. May 19, 2011

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