When I hear ZEN, all I can think of is Creative’s line of portable media players – I really love most devices bearing this name, although I will be forever addicted to my good old Sandisk Sansa e250… but I am sure you’re already wondering why am I telling you these things here, right? Well, it’s still about media playing, but also about developing a website… and it even has some ZEN in it! 😉

For now, the ZEN we’re talking about is a more or less finished script that’s described as being “a single-song HTML5 Audio Player, powered by jPlayer, styled and mostly animated with CSS3.” Its creator says the name should remind you of “a little of a dark Zen stone lying on bright sand,” but all it reminds me of is Creative’s line of media players, as I said before. Let’s just hope they won’t come with a lawsuit for this…

… and let’s also hope that ZEN will work “more than just less” on your site – for now, it seems Firefox4, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS all can handle it, but not all the same way. Hey, we’re talking about a basic player with a simplified interface here, so don’t have too high hopes, all right? It’s just the fact that I really love the name and its looks, so it would be a pity for this project not to get enough attention and die in this early stage, don’t you agree? 😉

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