This week will be a cold one, at least according to most weather forecasts I checked so far. Sometimes, I even had to zoom in to be sure I’m not mistaken – 26 Celsius below 0??? Fortunately, it seems I’ll have around 10-12 below 0 – after all, this is not Siberia! Good, but what’s the catch with all this weather nonsense? Well, when I said “zoom in,” it was more about getting closer to the screen or using Ctrl++ in my browser, but today’s topic is about some real zoom…

… because Zoomy is a better way of getting the job done, at least when it comes to images. I won’t give you the whole mumbo-jumbo, since you can find it on the official page I just linked to – for now, it’s enough to say that “Zoomy is a quick and easy plugin that will zoom into a picture,” don’t you think?

While the official page mentioned above has some more or less minor English/typing problems (“Zoomy uses a three differnt CSS3 styles.” is only one of them), it’s not such a big deal understanding how this works – all it needs is a small image and a larger resolution version, then it uses the last one to zoom into the first one. Pretty easy, right?

At last, let’s state the obvious: Zoomy is a jQuery plugin with a bit of CSS styling here and there, freely available and compatible with all major browsers, at least as long as we’re not talking about the rounded zoom interface, which may have some issues working here and there. Any comments regarding the browsers you tested this on and the issues encountered? Speaking for myself, it seems to work fine in Chrome and Firefox, but not in Opera…

That’s all, folks! 😉

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  1. February 16, 2011

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