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BePro Listings wordpress plugin resources analysis

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Name BePro Listings
Version 2.1.97
Author BePro Software Team
Rating 80
Last updated 2015-03-06 03:45:00
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Delta: -6%

Post page

Delta: -6%
BePro Listings plugin has Huge impact on PageSpeed score.

Home page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 6%, while Post page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 6%

BePro Listings plugin added 310 kB of resources to the Home page and 310 kB of resources to the sample Post page.

BePro Listings plugin added 2 new host(s) to the Home page and 2 new host(s) to the sample Post page.

Great! BePro Listings plugin ads no tables to your Wordpress blog database.

BePro Listings is a wordpress directory plugin which is easy to setup and customize. With its modular architecture, you decide how users, search, filter and view information. Use optional base features like, clustered google maps, paypal payments, email notifications, ajax search / filter and front end submission. Our unmatched template architecture facilitates solutions for, Real Estate, Business, Product Catalogues, Events, Classifieds and other niche information.

BePro Listings | Support Forum | Documentation | Bundles | Themes | Demos



Our BePro Software Team is constantly developing new features for this plugin. The following features are included with the base plugin:

1. Accept Payments - Unlimited payment packages or charge per category. "BePro Cart" plugin is required (100% free)
2. Upload CSV - Upload your lisings via a csv document
3. Front end Submission  - Allow visitors to post or require membership.
4. Search and filter - Allow users to search and filter by name, location, categories, price and other data points
5. Clustered Google Maps - Great for showing listings via a map with no need for API keys.
6. Categories - Assign images or not. Choose from our 4 different directory style layouts
7. Gallery - Compatible with many gallery plugins and can be removed altogether
8. Listing Results - Two templates for search results including a ("Featured") banner option, are available and they can be extended. 
10. Ajax - Search and filter on one page. Yes, wow is the correct phrase to use!
11. User Profile - Use Buddypress or our standalone profile shortcode to allow your users to manage their submissions
12. Expiration - Set an expiration length for new listings
12. Currency - Setup cost as searchable data and implement any currency sign
13. SEO - Works with seo plugins and is designed with seo friendly standards. Also each listing generates its own page.
14. Multisite - Expand the use of this plugin throughout your network.
15. Responsive - Our listings and detail pages are all responsive. Perfect for integrating into your mobile compatible theme.
16. Widgets - Several widgets are available including, recent listings and search filter.
17. Admin Options - Control the ability for users to intereact with features and information.
18. On page google map - Now all listings have their own google map showing listing location in a tab
19. Custom posts - Listings are separate to your other posts in the admin and front end.
20. Shortcodes - Several ways to feature the information and engage your visitor.
21. Hooks & Filters - Developers will love the documentation & ability to easily extend features.
22. Email Notifications - Add, edit, delete notifications. Requires BePro Email (100% free) 
23. Shortcode Builder - Use our tinymce button to build the shortcodes easily


Use any BePro Listings compatible theme for plug and play functionality. Also, BePro Listings can be integrated into your current theme with some developer help and capture specifically the information that your directory needs. Look at some of the ways people are using the plugin:

* Paid Listings - Paypal, Stripe, 2CO payment gateways via BePro Cart. Or use one of our membership addons to limit listings and features by level
* Real Estate - Perfect way to showcase, buildings, apartments, hotels, and other locations. In fact, we have a free BePro Listings Realestate addon
* Car Dealer - List your vehicle inventory, cars, trucks, boats, planes etc. Or use geo features for Fleet Tracking
* Link Directory - List, price, and link to amazon products or other popular affilate campaigns.
* Knowledgebase - Remove images and allow users to search through your complex structured and unstructured information.
* Portfolio - Feature your work in various ways, allowing users to view details and comment. Great for showcasing your projects.
* Pet Directory - Showcase information on any animal and allow users to search and filter through them 
* Store Finder - List your store or shop branches including, location and contact details 
* Business Directory - Employee, staff, members or any other type of directory listings site
* Advertising - Sell ad space or use the system like a bullitin board
* Classifieds - Run mutiple directory types consecutively on the same domain (Requires Form Builder) or multisite support is included
* Product Catalogue - List them yourself or allow members to list products and/or services e.g.
* Informational - Tourism, points of interest, and other details best shown via google maps
* Front End Uploads - Using the submission form shortcode, users can contribute blog posts for you to review and publish
* Video Listings - Feature HTML5 videos (w/ flash fallback) from sites like youtube or videos uploaded to your server with our videos addon.
* Podcast & Music - List and categorize all of your audio files including mp3 and wav then play them on a HTML5 player  (w/ flv fallback) with our audio addon
* Document Directory - Showcase multiple file types allowing users to search and view them on your website with our documents addon
* Google Maps - We have one of the most feature rich google map options available for wordpress. Many users choose us just for this feature.
* Job Board - Use categories as job types, then allow users to search and filter through various opportunities.
* Events & Appointments - Use the bookings addon to add searchable availability to each listing.



Visual Form Builder

  • Use our visual Drag & Drop Form Builder Addon to create unlimited custom front end forms with unlimited recipients. Allow users to upload and search through various types of directory content on one website. This directory form builder is unique

Our Addons provide lots of new ways to customize your listings experinece. Current available add-ons include:

1. Form Builder - Use the visual drag and drop interface to create multiple front end upload forms and directory listing types
2. Claim Listing - Allow users to claim listings from the frontend
3. Gallery - Three 3 gallery options including slider & lightbox, plus three new listings templates
4. Video - Improve on the Gallery plugin with the ability to upload file types like (mp4, mpeg, avi, wmv, webm). Also link videos from sites like, youtube, vimeo, & dailymotion. Uploaded videos are played using HTML5 or fallback to flassh
5. Documents - Allow users to add and manage document listings on your website from the front end (zip, doc, pdf, odt, csv, etc)
6. Icons - Tons of google map markers/icons from the "Map Icons Collection" by Nicolas Mollet and also allows other addons to place icons on listings, video, documents, etc
7. Realestate - Add realestate directory related information to listings & the ability to search/filter by realestate details
8. S2Member - Limit & get paid for your listings depending on membership levels, using this s2member integration
9. Audio - List your podcasts and music on wordpress with this addon. We support several file types including wav, wma, mp3 and m4a. Uploaded audio is played using HTML5 or fallback to flash
10. Favorites - Engage your visitors! Record theirs likes and dislikes to figure out the most popular listings.
11. Authors - Publicize your authors and give their listings more visibility.
12. PMPro - Use Paid Membership Pro to charge users to post listings on your website, with this integration.
13. Booking - Setup your availability and allow users to schedule time. Perfect for real estate, vehicle, hotel, and other niche sites
14. Business Directory - Use our business and staff focused listing templates with alphabetic filter. Typical phone book type layout.
15. Vehicles - Lists cars, boats, trucks, planes, and other automobiles with their details
16. Reviews - Users can leave and search by star ratings
17. Origami - Separate search features when running multiple listing types on one website
18. Search - Add predictive google maps address lookup and auto complete enhancements to the basic search feature
19. Tags - You and your members can tag your listings and allow users to search them via the tag widget
20. reCAPTCHA - Prevent spam and malicious submissions with this google reCAPTCHA system
21. Contact - Receive notifications when someone submits a listing. Also add a contact form to your listing detail pages.


BePro Listings has spawned the famous $1 one dollar wordpress themes. Some of our $1 one dollar wordpress themes are complete themes, while others are child themes built on free solutions. We hope they prove that you can integrate BePro Listings into any theme and create any type of listings site.

1. ByCater - This responsive directory theme features a home page template utilizing (google map, search, categories, and listings). It also integrates with typical wordpress features like, sidebar, menu, etc
2. FolioProjects - Responsive Child theme for the stock wordpress twentyfourteen teamplate. Perfect for gallery, portfolio, and other sites where you want to emphasize the featured images. Comes with three templates
3. MT Classifieds - Great responsive theme for classified focused websites. Template uses various features including (google map, categories, and listings)
4. WhatLocalsCallIt - Great responsive directory theme built on the twentytwelve foundation. Great option for a Product catalogue
5. MP Directory - Try this theme for your next, real estate, vehicle, or other directory


BePro Listings is easy to setup. We spent special attention to helping you get started, with tools like our "shortcode builder". With our feature rich and configurable foundation, BePro Listings can be setup to fit the needs of various types of directories. When ready to extend your experience, we provide many options in the form of themes and addons. An exciting example of whats possible, is the ability to create a Classifieds website featuring multiple directories simultaneously, using our Form Builder addon.

Out of the box, BePro Listings works with buddypress, BePro Cart, BePro Email and many gallery plugins. Via paid addons, we also integrate with s2member, paid membership pro, and several other popular plugins. This open and inclusive architecture, makes it extreamly easy to add the best combinations of features for your directory / classifieds / portfolio / Catalogue site. As you can imagine, it also make the plugin lite, allowing you to only load features you really need.


There is a shortcode builder available while editing any page. This tool makes it extreamly easy to use the various features provided by BePro Listings. Below you will find a general list of available shortcodes. For more details like shortcode options, visit our documentation link above.

* All In One (NEW) - Use one shortcode to implement several features at once. Templates available [bl_all_in_one]
* Google Map - Setup a map anywhere showing the last X listings on your site e.g. [generate_map]
* Basic Search - Allow users to search listings e.g. [search_form]
* Filter Search Table - Allow users to do a more in depth search including, cost, date, etc e.g. [filter_form]
* Filter Search CSS - Allow users to do more in depth search including, cost, date, etc e.g. [bl_search_filter]
* Listings - Show listings and search results with optional paging e.g. [display_listings]
* Front end Upload Form - Give your users the ability to submit from any page or post e.g. [create_listing_form]
* Category Links - Allow users to navigate your directory/listings using category links e.g. [display_listing_categories]
* Profile - Use our standalone profile shortcode [bl_my_listings]


  • 404 Error - If Listing pages produce a 404 error, try resetting your permalink settings in the admin. Simply re-save your current settings, so that they are reset for all urls. The option is under your settings menu.

  • Google Maps - If google map controls look weird, this is a css style related issue (your theme). Specifically, its the addition of max-width declarations to images. For details, you can google the issue (google maps max-width). Lots of bootstrap themes use this css declaration.

  • Breaks Template - If the details page has a displaced sidebar i.e. obviously broken template, you will need to create one for BePro Listings. Details about how to do that are included in the documentation link above. Every plugin which creates pages from custom post types, has this issue and requires its own template files e.g. buddypress


You can support the development of this plugin via the donations link on the right or leaving a review. You can also donate code via


You can contribute languages that are not yet supported by the plugin. Documentation regarding how to do this is available on our website. If you find deficiencies in our use of localization, simply reach out. The usefulness of BePro Listings beyond english, is very important to us. Here is a list of currently supported languages

  • Dutch (Netherlands) - BePro Software Team
  • French (France) - BePro Software Team
  • German (Germany) - BePro Software Team
  • Italian (Italy) - BePro Software Team
  • Norwegian (Norway) - BePro Software Team
  • Polish (Poland) - BePro Software Team
  • Portuguese (Portugal) - Joao
  • Spanish (Spain) - BePro Software Team
  • Swedish (Sweden) - BePro Software Team
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