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Easy Retweet wordpress plugin resources analysis

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Name Easy Retweet
Version 3.0.3
Author Sudar
Rating 0
Last updated 2015-01-29 06:24:00
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Home page

Delta: 0%

Post page

Delta: -1%
Easy Retweet plugin has small negative impact on PageSpeed score.

Home page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 0%, while Post page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 1%

Easy Retweet plugin added 115 kB of resources to the Home page and 152 kB of resources to the sample Post page.

Easy Retweet plugin added 1 new host(s) to the Home page and 3 new host(s) to the sample Post page.

Great! Easy Retweet plugin ads no tables to your Wordpress blog database.

Easy ReTweet is a WordPress Plugin, which let's you add retweet or Tweet this buttons for your WordPress posts, together with the retweet count.


There are three ways you can add the retweet button. Automatic way, manual way and using shortcodes

Automatic way

Install the Plugin and choose the type and position of the button from the Plugin's settings page. You can also specifically enable/disable the button for each post or page from the write post/page screen.

Manual way

If you want more control over the way the button should be positioned, then you can manually call the button using the following code.

if (function_exists('easy_retweet_button')) echo easy_retweet_button();

Using shortcodes

You can also place the shortcode [easy-retweet] anywhere in your post. This shortcode will be replaced by the button when the post is rendered.


The development of the Plugin happens over at github. If you want to contribute to the Plugin, fork the project at github and send me a pull request.

If you are not familiar with either git or Github then refer to this guide to see how fork and send pull request.

If you are looking for ideas, then you can start with one of the following TODO items :)


The following are the features that I am thinking of adding to the Plugin, when I get some free time. If you have any feature request or want to increase the priority of a particular feature, then let me know.

  • Add Google Analytics tracking to shortcodes and template function
  • Add tracking of tweet button clicks


  • If you have found a bug/issue or have a feature request, then post them in github issues
  • If you have a question about usage or need help to troubleshoot, then post in WordPress forums or leave a comment in Plugins's home page
  • If you like the Plugin, then kindly leave a review/feedback at WordPress repo page.
  • If you find this Plugin useful or and wanted to say thank you, then there are ways to make me happy :) and I would really appreciate if you can do one of those.
  • Checkout other WordPress Plugins that I have written
  • If anything else, then contact me in twitter.


Resources added by plugin to Home page/Post page in kB
Total size of resources for Home page/Post page in kB
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