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Form Maker wordpress plugin resources analysis

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Name Form Maker
Version 1.7.27
Author WebDorado
Rating 84
Last updated 2015-03-09 03:32:00
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Home page

Delta: -10%

Post page

Delta: -9%
Form Maker plugin has Huge impact on PageSpeed score.

Home page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 10%, while Post page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 9%

Form Maker plugin added 285 kB of resources to the Home page and 285 kB of resources to the sample Post page.

Form Maker plugin added 2 new host(s) to the Home page and 2 new host(s) to the sample Post page.

Great! Form Maker plugin ads no tables to your Wordpress blog database.

If you have updated to WordPress 4.0.1 or got an automatic update to the mentioned version, please also update the Form Maker plugin to 1.7.21 or higher version.

WordPress Form Maker
Demo Admin
User Manual
Frequently Asked Questions

The Form Maker is one of the best responsive form builders in WordPress Plugin Directory. WordPress Form Builder allows you to set all the parameters such as colors, fonts and dimensions to best fit all form standards. If you want to make minimalistic forms, you can build forms with pre-filled texts, avoiding long form field labels. If want to build simple contact forms with unlimited number of fields, then you can use WordPress Contact Form.

Form Maker is a fresh and innovative form builder for generating various kinds of forms. The back end of the Form Maker is essential and easy to use, with no need of advanced programming skills.

The Form Maker uses a number of customizable themes. You can choose the design of the form to fit your website/webpage. Moreover, the Form Maker theme CSS is open for editing and making necessary changes, for creating a custom form design. To choose the best fitting form design, you can first preview the created forms changing the form theme and pressing preview button.

WordPress Form Maker can be used both for simple and multipart forms. That is why this form builder is a perfect choice for the beginners, who are just starting with forms and also meets the needs of experts (with advanced themes and multiple form customization possibilities). This form builder can be used for creating simple forms, survey forms and questionnaires, registration and application forms and etc.

The commercial version of the Form Maker has Google Map integration for the geolocation as well as pre-filled address demonstration in the forms. The details of the longitude and latitude can be provided in the back end of the form.

To make the process of creating forms easier, the package includes a list of pre-installed forms for different purposes. There is a possibility of saving those forms as copies and editing them to fit your needs.

PayPal integration of the Form Maker (commercial version) allows you to add PayPal features into the form, thus making it possible to use the Form Maker as a great tool for creating donation forms, whereas Survey Tools form field allows creating manageable questionnaire forms.

This form builder has a Captcha field to protect from receiving spam with the forms. The form field comes with two options: a simple Captcha and ReCaptcha (the famous Captcha by Google).

CSV/XML export possibility allows using the submitted data for data analysis and data presentation creating charts, diagrams and other visual forms.

To make larger forms fit and look great on your pages and posts, you can use pagination option, cutting the form into multiple pages.

Possibility of sending submitted form to various emails, providing them in Email to Field and separating by comma.

Survey tools are also very convenient for adding rating systems for the posts, e.g. for contests.

IMPORTANT: If you think you found a bug in Form Maker or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please check out [Support Forum](http://web-dorado.com/forum/26-form-maker.html) in our website. If you do not find a solution here, do not hesitate to contact us at [info@web-dorado.com](mailto:info@web-dorado.com).

Features of Form Maker

  • WordPress 3.0+
  • Multiple pre-installed sample forms
  • Responsive layout and design
  • Limited up to 7 fields to add
  • Twelve form fields with detailed parameters for creating forms
    • Custom HTML with standard editor
    • Text Input form fields (included 10 different types)
      • Simple text to add a limited input field into the form
      • Password(protected input type form field) for signup forms
      • Text area allowing to shrunk the text form field wherever the text is longer than the field itself
      • Name form field with customizable field labels (this form field includes two formats: Normal (only first and last name included) and extended (with a possibility of adding up to four sections within a single form field)
      • Address form field with a chance to remove some of the fields from the form and possibility of editing field labels
      • Address (Mark on Map) to create an address form field using Google API integration
      • E-mail for providing emails (gets validated for the type during the form submission)
      • Number for numerical form field
      • Phone form field with a possibility to edit the field labels in the backend
      • Hidden fields
    • Time and Date form fields with a possibility of adding date pickers and time pickers for registration forms, booking and similar forms
    • Custom select and country select (drop-down lists)
    • Checkbox for multiple choices questions in the form
    • Radio button for single choice questions in the form
    • Captcha/ReCaptcha for using safer forms
    • Page break for form pagination
    • Section break for creating multi-section forms
    • Map for inserting Google Map into the form
    • Submit, Reset and Custom Button
  • 41 editable themes for different form designs
  • Up to seven field forms for free version
  • Form Layout changing possibility
  • IP blocking possibility
  • Possibility to include required field option to receive specific information from the form submitter
  • Possibility to edit the form CSS or add custom Javascript into the form
  • Includes additional attributes for each form field for adding properties with Java Script (for more advanced form users)
  • Possibility to receive the filled forms to the admin and form submitter (if applicable) emails
  • Possibility to add custom text in the emails sent to the administrators and form submitter
  • Possibility to edit and change the Email and the Name, which are displayed with the form submission sent to the form submitter, thus allowing to have a feedback to a specific email
  • Form Maker Shortcode button in WordPress standard editor to make the form inserting process easier, whereas it is also possible to change the form in the page/post just changing the ID of the form in the shortcode
  • Data validation for all form fields while submitting the form
  • Possibility to preview the form, as well as form themes
  • Detailed Form Maker User Manual describing form installation process, detailed form field descriptions, the process of inserting created form into your site and other details for the Form Users
  • Required and hidden form fields
  • Possibility to customize button styles used in the form
  • Form Pagination possibility
  • Customizable themes to edit the design of the forms
  • Possibility to edit the form titles whenever required
  • Possibility to create forms based on the default forms with the “Save as Copy” button
  • This form builder supports multiple languages allowing you to create forms in user-native languages
  • Page redirect possibility after the form is submitted, allowing to navigate not only to specific pages (e.g. including other forms) or to another site (providing URL)
  • Functional and easy to use back end; you can use navigation arrows to move the created form fields in the same page and even to move the form field from one form page to another
  • Filled information is kept in database section of the form
  • Detailed submissions field providing the ID of the submitter, the submission date, form submitter’s IP address and all of the form fields
  • Searchable Submissions field to find relevant submitted forms in the database
  • One form based submissions allowing to get separate data for each form
  • Submissions section includes simple statistical data for the choice-based entries
  • Possibility to use Export CSV/XML feature to download the submitted forms and to analyze the data with advanced tools
  • Possibility to edit form submissions, deleting the columns of irrelevant form submissions or for sorting the data
  • Possibility to hide and unhide specific form fields from demonstrating in the Submissions
  • There is a possibility to add custom text which will be displayed when the field is empty to give the users samples or instruction when filling the specific field.
  • Possibility to have pre-filled texts serving as instructions for the textarea and other text fields.
  • Date picker in the form of drop-down menu for easier date selection.
  • Submissions section displays the amount of entries, as well as views and conversion rate for each separate form.
  • CC and BCC mail options for sending out the submitted form
  • 41 responsive theme with customizable design
  • Displaying the country, country code and other date in the Submissions section IP pop-up
  • MySQL Mapping possibility for storing entered data to another MySQL database.
  • Possibility to choose whether to save the data to database or just have the information emailed to the Administrator.
  • Possibility to insert separate Country select list for the custom fields rather than address.
  • Conditional fields, which can be used for hiding/displaying a list of questions based on the selection of specific answers.
  • Option of displaying form pages using tabs or percentage.

Upgrade to WordPress Form Maker Pro to add features:

  • unlimited number of form fields
  • PayPal form field with currency change possibility
  • Upload file field
  • Possibility to choose the desired file extension types for the file upload form field
  • Fully integrated with PayPal: two checkout modes (Test Mode and Production) and five form field types (Amount, Select, Checkbox, Radio, and Shipping)(commercial version of the Form Maker), possibility to use the form as a payment/donation form
  • Google Maps API Integration, possibility to use the maps in two different form fields of the Form Maker
  • Possibility to include tax percentage within PayPal options for the localization of the payment

Supported languages Of Form Maker

If you need language of Form Maker which is not included in this list, please contact us and we will do the translation of Form Maker within 3 days. If you find any mistakes in the translation, please contact us and we will make relevant corrections within 3 days.

Afrikaans (af)
Albanian (sq)
Arabic (ar)
Armenian (hy_AM)
Belarusian (be_BY)
Bulgarian (bg_BG)
Catalan (ca)
Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN)
Croatian (hr)
Czech (cs_CZ)
Danish (da_DK)
Dutch (nl_NL)
Esperanto (eo_EO)
Estonian (et)
Finnish (fi)
French (fr_FR)
Galician (gl_ES)
Georgian (ka_GE)
German (de_DE)
Greek (el)
Hebrew (he_IL)
Hindi (hi_IN)
Hungarian (hu_HU)
Indonesian (id_ID)
Italian (it_IT)
Japanese (ja)
Korean (ko_KR)
Latvian (lv)
Lithuanian (lt_LT)
Macedonian (mk_MK)
Malay (ms_MY)
Maltese (mt_MT)
Norwegian (nb_NO)
Persian (fa_IR)
Polish (pl_PL)
Portuguese (pt_PT)
Russian (ru_RU)
Romanian (ro_RO)
Serbian (sr_RS)
Slovak (sk_SK)
Spanish (es_ES)
Swedish (sv_SE)
Tamil (ta)
Thai (th)
Turkish (tr_TR)
Ukrainian (uk_UA)
Vietnamese (vi)

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