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Socializer! wordpress plugin resources analysis

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Name Socializer!
Version 10.1
Author TheFreeWindows
Rating 56
Last updated 2015-01-05 08:17:00
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Home page

Delta: -4%

Post page

Delta: -6%
Socializer! plugin has Huge impact on PageSpeed score.

Home page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 4%, while Post page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 6%

Socializer! plugin added 489 kB of resources to the Home page and 1275 kB of resources to the sample Post page.

Socializer! plugin added 5 new host(s) to the Home page and 12 new host(s) to the sample Post page.

Great! Socializer! plugin ads no tables to your Wordpress blog database.

Socializer! helps your visitors to share your blog on the top social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, by eMail (including gMail), even translate your pages, get short links, get HTML Reference links and Share links in order to use them on their sites or share them with their friends and in forums, explore your blog even more, Follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Gooble Plus..., all of this without compromising the speed of your pages. You can see Socializer! in action, e.g. at Live Desktop Gadgets

Socializer! is self-dependent and safe: it does not interact with your database, and it keeps your blog speedy, since it loads immediately scripts for the popular share options (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus), postponing other options for users who actually need them.

Alternatively or along with content share bars, especially useful in responsive designs, you can use the global Socializer! FLOATING icons, a vertical social bar that remains visible all the time, no matter how long a page might be, on a fixed location you can define with precision. Normal Sidebar widgets are also available.

You can use simple CSS directions to customize and fine tune the position, alignment, colors, borders, etc, of the Share bars and widgets according to your needs. If you are not familiar with CSS or just prefer a preview of your settings before you apply them, you can use the convenient On Line Socializer! Style Editor, a free tool, accessible from the Socializer! settings page in your dashboard.

Socializer! includes options on what to share, posts or pages, or both posts and pages, place Share bars at the top of your content or at the bottom, or in both locations. Sharing bars can appear also on Archives (Categories, Tags, Dates, etc), although this would be overwhelming for your visitors and is not recommended.

Socializer! Share bars can be invoked also by using the [SocializerNow] Shortcode anywhere you like, adding flexibility you may need especially in responsive themes.

You can also create manually occasional share-links independently of the regular buttons, whenever you need to have such references in some articles.

Socializer! supports the option of hiding the counts in icons that appear immediately on your pages, an option which can be very useful, when you don't want your visitors to see immediately how many times a post or page is shared, or even if you just need smaller versions of the Sharing bars.

Socializer! supports also automatic detection of mobile phones, in which case it lets you decide if you want to hide the Floating bar automatically (your caching plugin must also support this function).

If you have a personal, business or fan page in Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you can let Socializer! add a Follow button in the Share bars. You can see live how Follow works

Socializer! is compatible with WordPress multisite MS / MU installations. Networks supported, and more: Facebook, Twitter, Google Bookmarks and Google Plus, Reddit, eMail / gMail recommendation, Google Translate, copying raw HTML Code (href) for Links and Share Links, Short URL versions, share in BlinkList, BlogMarks, Del.Icio.Us, Digg, Evernote, FriendFeed, Linkedin, LiveJournal, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Fark, LinkArena, LinkaGoGo, MisterWong, N4G, NewsVine, Netvouz, NuJIJ, Tumblr, Xerpi. This list may change if new sites become popular, or older ones disappear.

  • Socializer! Home & Plugin Page are available for more information and support.

  • To increase your readership further, get the free Social Share Motivator, a plugin that demands the sharing of your blog.


Resources added by plugin to Home page/Post page in kB
Total size of resources for Home page/Post page in kB
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