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Subscriber wordpress plugin resources analysis

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Name Subscriber
Version 1.1.9
Author BestWebSoft
Rating 84
Last updated 2015-02-03 11:43:00
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Home page

Delta: 0%

Post page

Delta: 0%
Subscriber plugin has no negative impact on PageSpeed score.

Home page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 0%, while Post page PageSpeed score has been degraded by 0%

Subscriber plugin added 2 kB of resources to the Home page and 2 kB of resources to the sample Post page.

Subscriber plugin added 0 new host(s) to the Home page and 0 new host(s) to the sample Post page.

Great! Subscriber plugin ads no tables to your Wordpress blog database.

The Subscriber plugin is an exclusive add-on for the Sender Plugin by BestWebSoft. This plugin allows your site visitors to subscribe for newsletters, coming from your website. It is a simple and effective tool for businessmen as well as for those people who just want to share their ideas with others. Moreover, it has minimum settings but maximum feedback.

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  • Add 'Subscriber Form Registation' widget, where your site visitors can subscribe for your newsletters.
  • Add shortcode to display Subscribe Form in post, page or widget content.
  • You can manage the list of subscribers in Users > Subscribers.

Recommended Plugins

The author of the Subscriber also recommends the following plugins:

  • Sender - this plugin sends mail to registered users. There is also a premium version of the plugin - Sender Pro, allowing to create and save templates for letters, edit the content of messages with a visual editor TinyMce, set priority ?f mailing, create and manage mailing lists.
  • Captcha - The Captcha plugin allows you to implement a super security captcha form into web forms. It protects your website from spam by means of math logic, easily understood by human beings. This captcha can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments forms. There is also a premium version of the plugin - Captcha Pro, allowing compatibility with BuddyPress (Registration form, Comments form, "Create a Group" form), Contact Form 7 and Subscriber.
  • Email Queue - This plugin gives you an opportunity to organize a simple and effective mail queue. You can assign priorities to plugins that send mail. You can manage outgoing messages: trash them or delete completely. You can use searching, filtering and bulk operations with your mail. The plugin works with plugins produced by BestWebSoft team only.
  • Updater - This plugin updates WordPress core and the plugins to the recent versions. You can also use the auto mode or manual mode for updating and set email notifications. There is also a premium version of the plugin Updater Pro with more useful features available. It can make backup of all your files and database before updating. Also it can forbid some plugins or WordPress Core update.


  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Ukrainian (uk)

If you would like to create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files for BestWebSoft and we'll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.

Technical support

Dear users, our plugins are available for free download. If you have any questions or propositions regarding functionality of our plugins (current options, new options, current issues) please feel free to contact us. Please note that we accept requests in English language only. All messages on another languages wouldn't be accepted.

Also, emails which are reporting about plugin's bugs are accepted for investigation and fixing. Your request must contain URL of the website, issues description and WordPress admin panel access. Plugin customization based on your Wordpress theme is a paid service (standard price is $10, but it could be higer and depends on the complexity of requested changes). We will analize existing issue and make necessary changes after 100% pre-payment. All these paid changes and modifications could be included to the next version of plugin and will be shared for all users like an integral part of the plugin. Free fixing services will be provided for user who send translation on their native language (this should be a new translation of a certain plugin, and you can check available translations on the official plugin page).


Resources added by plugin to Home page/Post page in kB
Total size of resources for Home page/Post page in kB
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