While a good singer can still impress his audience without a sound system, a good Web developer can’t do much without the proper tools. Unfortunately, most tools for Web development are pretty expensive, but the good part is that the Internet is full of freebies waiting to be found… the only problem remaining the amount of time needed to do get the job done by yourself.

The good news is that WPSpeedster and WebDev3000 is going to take you where you’d be by yourself a thousand years from now on ;), offering you suggestions about the best tools and resources freely available all over the Web, from SEO tools to free stock images and banner creators.

We’re not trying to give you full reviews, and we don’t claim we know everything, either – this is just the same piece of advice we would give to our friends, and that’s why we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Help us help you, and we’ll grow together! 😉