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No matter how tough the economic situation may be, there’s one thing that applies almost every time: those who really want to work always find something to do. For the others, the crisis is always a good reason to rub the mint and complain ...Read More


Find a niche, build a store, advertise, sell, earn money. What’s missing there? Yes, I know, you also need some money to throw in, not to mention the time you’ll have to spend to get your business in motion! While I can’t help you ...Read More

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If someone tells you that WordPress seems like rocket science, what would you recommend? Sure, we are talking about some people that use computers at work, yet remaining computer illeterates when it comes to anything else than the stuff they do to earn their ...Read More


One of my dreams is to discover, one day, a CMS that allows me to add content with my mind – no voice commands, no use of ancient devices like the keyboard and mouse I use now – just the idea of an article, ...Read More

FlipBook CMS

Today, I found myself listening to a few ladies talking about kids, books, computers and TV. I am no detective, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and just hear them talk. All of a sudden, I remembered ...Read More


A few days ago, I had to explain some WordPress-related things to someone who had a blog hosted on WordPress.com and switched to a .com domain and a WordPress blog installed right there. For most people, there shouldn’t be any big problem switching from ...Read More


Finally, a brand-new CMS! Well, it may be true that ProcessWire already reached version 2.0, but as long as it’s new to me, we’re talking about a brand-new CMS, all right? 😉 According to the official page, ProcessWire was created “to bridge the gap ...Read More


Facebook here, Facebook there, “like this” all over the Web… “like us on Facebook,” come on!!! I hate this, really! I got a Facebook account long before it became the New Mecca of the Web, but the more it becomes popular, the less I ...Read More


A friend of mine asked me about some project he should work on. To be more accurate, he wanted to start working on something to sell, but didn’t have a clue on the topic. “Some Twitter tool,” I said, and it seems I was ...Read More


Despite the global economic problems, the Internet continues to grow with each day, and this opens doors to people who are willing to spend some time and money to try starting an online store. Some will succeed, some may fail, but if you do ...Read More