justVisual 2

If someone tells you that WordPress seems like rocket science, what would you recommend? Sure, we are talking about some people that use computers at work, yet remaining computer illeterates when it comes to anything else than the stuff they do to earn their living. Well, I think the best thing for them would be a voice-controlled CMS, but until then… I think things like justVisual 2 may just do the trick. 😉

While I may not fully agree with this description, the official mumbo-jumbo goes like this: justVisual 2 is a databaseless XML-based content management system for small or medium-sized web sites. justVisual enables support for multiple languages.” More information and download/demo links can be found here.

Now, why would I disagree with that description? After all, it has been done by the team behind it, right? Well, as long as it involves some HTML tags, as easy as those may seem to people with more than a day of Web design experience, some consider even such things to be too complicated. Anyway, the idea is that justVisual 2 can help you decrease hosting costs while still offering features like URL rewriting, plugins or multiple languages. Unfortunately, it seems the project is currently on hold, but since the code is licensed under the terms of the GPL license, nothing stops you from taking over and pushing this interesting, yet really basic CMS, as high as possible, right? 😉

Obviously, justVisual 2 works great with any major browser you can think of, so feel free to take at least a look at the demo(admin/admin). That’s all, folks!

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