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More and more say that Flash is dying. Could this be true? To be honest, I have no idea but, from my Internet user point of view, I can surely tell you that HTML5 looks like a Flash killer! These being said, Wallaby comes ...Read More


When I hear ZEN, all I can think of is Creative’s line of portable media players – I really love most devices bearing this name, although I will be forever addicted to my good old Sandisk Sansa e250… but I am sure you’re already ...Read More

HTML5 Blue Video Gallery

YouTube must die! I don’t know about you, but I got tired of videos removed due to copyright violations, when such a thing is far from the truth. I wouldn’t be amazed to add a video of myself whistling some Justin Bieber song and ...Read More


A few days ago, I discovered a brilliant game made using HTML5. This game is Z-Type, but we won’t be talking about it today. I brought it up simply to highlight the great things that can be achieved thanks to HTML5 and now we’ll ...Read More

H.264 XML White Video Player

H.264 XML White Video Player is a free Flash video player. With this player you can play the following video formats: MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V. The configuration is stored in a XML file, this way you don’t need to change anything in ...Read More

Agile Uploader

I love smart scripts. I really enjoy when I get to earn more time for thinking, instead of working on repetitive tasks. For example, let’s think about image uploading and resizing. No matter what I use to resize the files, this operation requires my ...Read More


When used properly, Flash is awesome. Unfortunately, a lot of Flash sites look and feel like s**t, and increased use of devices like the iPhone or iPad could start a slow but unstoppable process of “Flash destruction,” if things continue to evolve as they ...Read More

Flash Platform Services

If you want an easy way to distribute and monetize your application or to add social and collaborative capabilities to your applications, Adobe can help you with Adobe Flash Platform Services. Using Distribution service you can share your application to social networks, mobile devices, and ...Read More


One of these days, I will go out and start shooting. No, I am not crazy – I’ll take pictures, I won’t shoot anyone! Anyway, guns are illegal here, so we’ll stick to a bunch of images being displayed in a browser. Obviously, it’s ...Read More