HTML5 Blue Video Gallery

YouTube must die! I don’t know about you, but I got tired of videos removed due to copyright violations, when such a thing is far from the truth. I wouldn’t be amazed to add a video of myself whistling some Justin Bieber song and then find it removed on copyright grounds. The only problem is that I can’t remember any song belonging to that kid, simply because I listen to music, not crap for retards. Even worse, I find that more and more videos become unavailable for my country, so why bother with it any longer? With so many HTML5 video players around, I could easily build my own YouTube clone and only allow access to my friends and family. Not a bad idea at all, if I think well…

… and that’s why I decided to tell you a few words about HTML5 Blue Video Gallery, a video player/video gallery XML-driven piece of code that uses the latest HTML5 tehniques, for example HTML5 LocalStorage to remember the last volume setting when you get back to your player. Sweet!

Depending on the browser, the list of supported formats may change – MP4 for Chrome/Safari, OGG/OGV for Firefox, WEBM for Opera and FLV/MP4/MOV for IE – through Flash Player, since there’s no HTML5 support offered by that browser yet.

Compatible with virtually all browsers, HTML5 Blue Video Gallery can be purchased for $7 – a regular license and $35 – an extended one. I guess this is it, so if you also think that YouTube must die, feel free to build a nice video streaming site and share it with the world. That’s all, folks! 😉


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