More and more say that Flash is dying. Could this be true? To be honest, I have no idea but, from my Internet user point of view, I can surely tell you that HTML5 looks like a Flash killer! These being said, Wallaby comes in at the right time, although it seems a bit strange to see it released by the company currently behind the Flash technology, Adobe…

… but Wallaby is still in a pretty early development stage, so Flash isn’t going to die that fast. Just take a look at the image above – I downloaded Wallaby’s Prerelease 1 version, installed it, grabbed some FLA file from deviantART, tried to convert it to HTML5 and I ended up with an error! On the other hand, its official page makes this very clear: “Wallaby is not a final product and is still in the testing and validation phase.”

To me, Wallaby is not a valid product yet, but I’ll surely keep an eye on it. As I write this, there’s no official roadmap available, but if you work a lot with Flash sites, be sure to bookmark this program’s home – one day, switching from Flash to HTML5 may become a matter of life and death. For now, HTML5 is more like electric cars – the technology is there, its price is decent, yet most people still keep the old stuff going. For how long… that remains to be seen, in both cases. 😉

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