When used properly, Flash is awesome. Unfortunately, a lot of Flash sites look and feel like s**t, and increased use of devices like the iPhone or iPad could start a slow but unstoppable process of “Flash destruction,” if things continue to evolve as they did in the last few years. Speaking for myself and from the user’s point of view, I don’t want Flash to die, I just want to get best content for my desktop computer, and best content for my mobile phone or iPad (when the moment comes, probably v3 or v4 will be decent for my needs….). Considering these, Frontal could be one of those many tools needed to help developers save Flash. Why that?

Frontal Markup Scripting Language

Think about what Frontal stands for – this is an intuitive scripting and markup language able to generate Flash, thus enabling you to quickly create sites and Web-based apps without having to write countless lines of code! To make it all worth your time, Frontal can easily embed a wide range of Web technologies, including Ajax, HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, and it even offers support for deep linking!

The official page I linked to in the previous paragraph has a lot of examples, tutorials, and a well done user’s guide, so if you want to create fluid layouts and decrease the development time, you know what to do… after all, there’s only one price: a small chunk of your time, since Frontal comes under the terms of the BSD License. Good luck and be sure to come up with the best products that you can – Flash must not die!

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