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I got a friend who’s working as a software developer, mostly for desktop platforms, but since he’s into financial software (and completely fed up with it), we have talks about ways of making money from time to time. As you can imagine, none of ...Read More


In case you missed the big news, the Apocalypse was supposed to drop by this last weekend. Since it seems everyone missed it, I guess we need a map now to find it. That reverend-liar-bastard surely disappeared to continue his quest to find it ...Read More


iPhone application developers, get ready – this one’s for you! Hate it or love it, the iPhone is a real gold mine for developers too, not just for Apple, the carriers and those into making accessories for it, so I decided to find some ...Read More


I hate Twitter. I also hate Facebook a little, although I use them both from time to time. It’s simply the fact that everyone started using them and both are now full of spammers and background noise. Maybe the time has come for some ...Read More


Facebook here, Facebook there, “like this” all over the Web… “like us on Facebook,” come on!!! I hate this, really! I got a Facebook account long before it became the New Mecca of the Web, but the more it becomes popular, the less I ...Read More


A few years ago, I was seriously considering to build and host a server of my own but, in the meantime, I discovered that my needs could be easily taken care of with only a fraction of the money required for my own server. ...Read More


When used properly, Flash is awesome. Unfortunately, a lot of Flash sites look and feel like s**t, and increased use of devices like the iPhone or iPad could start a slow but unstoppable process of “Flash destruction,” if things continue to evolve as they ...Read More


Love it or hate it, the iPhone is now one of the most notorious mobile platforms, with a growth rate that doesn’t seem to stop or even slow down at all. I am not going to start that discussion about the device’s goodies vs. ...Read More


Confession time, once again! Deep inside, I am a lazy person. Sometimes, this becomes pretty obvious, but at least it doesn’t happen too often. For example, some buddies of mine released some job reviews site, and things are going pretty well for them. I ...Read More


If you’re one of those who don’t like to see their own passwords as they type (very useful when you’re in a room with people you can’t actually trust), password masking is a good idea, but it also has its weak parts, especially that ...Read More