I hate Twitter. I also hate Facebook a little, although I use them both from time to time. It’s simply the fact that everyone started using them and both are now full of spammers and background noise. Maybe the time has come for some well done niche sites that put relevant content on first place and go as far as setting a user quota. How does that sound? I know it’s nothing but a dream, so let’s get back to Twitter and take a look at Streamie, shall we?

Why Streamie and not Twitter itself? For me, this one is better – it’s realtime, looks and feels lighter, yet keeps all the Twitter features people usually use. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? You can also add the fact that this Twitter client is open source and things start looking not just good, but simply great!

This Web-based Twitter client known as Streamie is still in Beta stage, yet it already allows you to customize it by messing with message filtering and display settings or enable/disable geolocation (to login using your Twitter credentials and see what’s what, just go here). You can even use your background image from Twitter, although I must admit mine looked much better on…

… so feel free to take this piece of code for a spin – you can even put it on your own server and see how it behaves – you only need nodeJS and a few minutes of your time, nothing more! 😉

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