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I hate Twitter. I also hate Facebook a little, although I use them both from time to time. It’s simply the fact that everyone started using them and both are now full of spammers and background noise. Maybe the time has come for some ...Read More


Wow, I found something that has a name Apple would sue for, yet it’s still on the market! I hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon, because I really love the way “iPhorm” sounds. For example, think about what happened when Microsoft forced Windows Commander ...Read More


The Web would be really sad without stars, don’t you agree? No, no, this has nothing to do with NASA, people like Lady Gaga, Shakira or other star-related things. This is all about creating an Ajaxed star-based rating system, so let’s take a quick ...Read More


A few years ago, I was seriously considering to build and host a server of my own but, in the meantime, I discovered that my needs could be easily taken care of with only a fraction of the money required for my own server. ...Read More

JSN ImageShow

JSN ImageShow is a flash image gallery that you can put it in your Joomla powered website. JSN ImageShow suports JPG, PNG and GIF image formats and you can put your image in any order you want. If you want to share images from ...Read More


If you are a web developer you need to test your website. For this you will need to install a webserver, PHP, MySQL, etc. You can install them manually, but you will lose a lot of time and is not worth it. It’s not ...Read More

Surreal Todo

I am tired of not being able to organize my time properly. The funny thing is that, from time to time, I manage to solve this problem but, somehow, I find all my time management reduced to a mess again after a while… so ...Read More


When it comes to MySQL clients, I would usually go with the standalone Windows programs, but it seems all those I used so far end up causing some problems, sooner or later. Sure, it may be just my bad luck, but all I can ...Read More


Sometimes, I really think about starting a career in programming, and the only reason for this is my laziness. Just think about this – when I write stuff, I have to write it all by myself, and I only quote various sources from time ...Read More


Those who claim that intelligence is sexy may be right, after all. Why? I never thought about programming/code to be sexy, and I wasn’t expecting to see a jQuery library with such a smart branding as Sexy.js. Now, they only need a theme song… ...Read More