A few years ago, I was seriously considering to build and host a server of my own but, in the meantime, I discovered that my needs could be easily taken care of with only a fraction of the money required for my own server. Sure, shared hosting doesn’t get really close to having your own Unix server, but why get more than you need? Anyway, the idea is that people/companies who have their own Unix servers should also have some reliable tools to remotely control them…

…. and this is exactly where SSHMeIn steps in: an open source, Ajax-powered Web application that has a very noble purpose – to help you manage your remote Unix servers. Obviously, we’re talking about servers located behind firewalls, so the idea is to open SSH tunnels within the server and then allow SSHMeIn to take over.

Since most people who will be using this application don’t have to take care of a single server, I am sure they’d be delighted to find out that SSHMeIn also allows multiple servers management. Even better, you can simply organize your servers in groups, so everything becomes a real pleasure, instead of a pain in the back!

For now, this is still in Beta stage, so a lot of features are expected to become available in the near future. In case you’re not one of those brave enough to use Beta products with their precious servers, I think you should bookmark this resource anyway, since I am sure that SSHMeIn is one to keep an eye on. 😉

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