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No matter how tough the economic situation may be, there’s one thing that applies almost every time: those who really want to work always find something to do. For the others, the crisis is always a good reason to rub the mint and complain ...Read More


I am in shock – it seems Facebook has become more popular than Google and porn together!!! I know that this may seem complete bullshit to some of you, but here’s the proof – what can you say against that, huh??? Now, it shouldn’t ...Read More

Infinite Responder

I don’t know if it’s only me and the emails I receive, but some messages don’t really need my attention – it’s not spam, just messages from friends that usually get answers like “I have seen that video 2 years ago.” or “Sorry, but ...Read More


Find a niche, build a store, advertise, sell, earn money. What’s missing there? Yes, I know, you also need some money to throw in, not to mention the time you’ll have to spend to get your business in motion! While I can’t help you ...Read More


In the last few months, I barely touched my digital camera, despite the fact that I love taking pictures and I’m pretty good at it, especially considering the fact that I have a poor compact one, not some state-of-the-art & expensive DSLR. The reason? ...Read More


One of my dreams is to discover, one day, a CMS that allows me to add content with my mind – no voice commands, no use of ancient devices like the keyboard and mouse I use now – just the idea of an article, ...Read More


No matter if you already heard about Clipperz or not, I am sure you’ll love this: a free and open source password manager that you can host on your own server(s)! Obviously, we’re talking about Clipperz Community Edition, since Clipperz is, as they nicely ...Read More


I like to have my music with me almost everywhere. On the other hand, I am not crazy about keeping a server running on my computer to stream my music to various devices. After all, if it can’t handle a microSD memory card, then ...Read More


Finally, a brand-new CMS! Well, it may be true that ProcessWire already reached version 2.0, but as long as it’s new to me, we’re talking about a brand-new CMS, all right? 😉 According to the official page, ProcessWire was created “to bridge the gap ...Read More


As you probably don’t know if you don’t know me personally, I’m not much of a coder. Sure, I wrote some code here and then, but those days are long gone. Considering this, I guess it’s obvious why I love so much tools like ...Read More