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While messing with Twitter itself on a regular basis is nothing but a huge waste of time (my personal opinion, of course, you’re free to disagree with it), I have to admit that a lot of the messages sent by Twitter user may lead ...Read More


iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry 6, even desktop computers or laptops – what do they have in common? Well, they’re all used to go online, at least once in a while, so when that does happen… I guess most users will end up facing one ...Read More


This entire mobile Internet revolution we’re going through seems to be moving faster than the programming/software worlds, but I am sure they’re already catching up. After all, there has been enough patching up of old stuff so far, the time has come for new ...Read More

Not Just A Grid

From time to time, I discover sites with pretty good/useful content, but with layouts that make me wonder if my computer’s calendar isn’t showing a date that’s two decades ahead… Fortunately, there are plenty of tools for webmasters who want to use layouts to ...Read More


When it comes to quality control, I think humans will soon be missed in a lot of fields. With the risk of seeing the entire human race trying to be as accurate and fast as robots and losing almost everything that makes us human ...Read More

jQuery 1.5

Until now, we talked about a lot of jQuery plugins here, but never about jQuery itself. So far, so good – nothing that special, but today the day arrived, since the “write less, do more” JavaScript library almost every developer loves to hate or ...Read More

NETEYE Activity Indicator

Another week is reaching its end and I don’t think there’s a need for a “weekend loader indicator,” although the idea would be really nice – have a display somewhere showing how much of the weekend loaded, with the 100% mark being reached on ...Read More


I like to have my music with me almost everywhere. On the other hand, I am not crazy about keeping a server running on my computer to stream my music to various devices. After all, if it can’t handle a microSD memory card, then ...Read More


This week will be a cold one, at least according to most weather forecasts I checked so far. Sometimes, I even had to zoom in to be sure I’m not mistaken – 26 Celsius below 0??? Fortunately, it seems I’ll have around 10-12 below ...Read More


The Web would be really sad without stars, don’t you agree? No, no, this has nothing to do with NASA, people like Lady Gaga, Shakira or other star-related things. This is all about creating an Ajaxed star-based rating system, so let’s take a quick ...Read More