One of my dreams is to discover, one day, a CMS that allows me to add content with my mind – no voice commands, no use of ancient devices like the keyboard and mouse I use now – just the idea of an article, of a page layout, of a banner, and everything should go online in a matter of seconds! Oh, yeah, and another interesting idea – spam should be severely punished. I know, I know – I am dreaming, but small steps help us reach the highest peaks, and today we have here a CMS that allows you to edit almost everything using a drag and drop interface and just a bit of HTML/CSS… ImpressPages, of course!

But what’s so special about ImpressPages, after all? Well, while my mother could easily use it, maybe except the HTML/CSS parts, this CMS is SEO friendly, allowing you to edit meta tags for all pages and offering an automatically generated sitemap, not to mention the ease of managing multilanguage websites or performing basic content creation/editing, handing text, videos or photos/photo galleries as easy as possible. Pretty cool, especially since ImpressPages is absolutely free, being released under the terms of the GPL v3 license, don’t you think?

This demo page allows you to go and check both the public site and the admin zone, with a few restrictions needed to provide demo functionality to anyone who may be interested in it at any given time. Requiring at least MySQL 5 and PHP 5.3, ImpressPages works with all major browsers and features like the excellent newsletter module I didn’t manage to mention yet are waiting to be discovered, so I’ll let you get to it. Good luck! 😉

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