Find a niche, build a store, advertise, sell, earn money. What’s missing there? Yes, I know, you also need some money to throw in, not to mention the time you’ll have to spend to get your business in motion! While I can’t help you with the time issue – most of the people I know, including myself, would surely enjoy to have at least 36 hours in each day – I can surely give you an idea that will help you lower your initial investment: Nookstar!

Nookstar is pretty well known, so that really makes me wonder how did they let such an error slip through – if you look at the home page I just mentioned, you’ll see that its highlights are these: Simple Setup, Cusomizable (!!!), Profitable, SEO Friendly and Niches. Come on, people, “Cusomizable” seems the best joke I had today!

On the other hand, what I just said above doesn’t mean Nookstar shouldn’t be trusted – after all, you can check the Admin Control Panel demo that allows you to control 8 different websites and get a better inside view of the whole thing. Just go here and use “admin” as both user and password – without the quotation marks, of course.

To really get started with Nookstar, you’ll need a host with support for ionCube, PHP 5.23 or higher and MySQL 5.x, but since I’m not supposed to reveal everything here, why don’t you go to the official Nookstar page and take it for a spin, huh? That’s all for now, may you get filthy rich and send me some $10k as donation! 😉

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