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While messing with Twitter itself on a regular basis is nothing but a huge waste of time (my personal opinion, of course, you’re free to disagree with it), I have to admit that a lot of the messages sent by Twitter user may lead ...Read More


I am in shock – it seems Facebook has become more popular than Google and porn together!!! I know that this may seem complete bullshit to some of you, but here’s the proof – what can you say against that, huh??? Now, it shouldn’t ...Read More


I hate Twitter. I also hate Facebook a little, although I use them both from time to time. It’s simply the fact that everyone started using them and both are now full of spammers and background noise. Maybe the time has come for some ...Read More


Still using Twitter? To be honest, I discovered a few interesting people using it so far, and more than enough spammers – or simply people I have nothing in common with. Should I start taking it seriously? Nope, no way, but as long as ...Read More

Find Jobs Via Twitter

Jobless? Oh, well, you’re probably not the only one in this situation, since I happen to know quite a few people who lost their jobs recently. Anyway, you shouldn’t bother too much about that; after all, there’s always room for good people somewhere… and ...Read More