Love it or hate it, the iPhone is now one of the most notorious mobile platforms, with a growth rate that doesn’t seem to stop or even slow down at all. I am not going to start that discussion about the device’s goodies vs. Apple’s marketing force to turn a brick into a gem, because this would take us away from the real topic of this article, namely InAppSettingsKit, described by its creators as “an open source solution to to easily add in-app settings to your iPhone apps.”


InAppSettingsKit is available as an open source solution for all iPhone app devs out there looking for a way to easily add in-app settings to their iPhone applications. This package allows you to maintain the pane using an hybrid approach, so the user of your application can choose where to change the settings.

The code in this package is covered by the terms of the BSD License, so it can be easily included in free and paid apps, as long as you’re giving credit to the original developers. To make it all even more interesting, InAppSettingsKit goes beyond creating an imitation of the behavior, since there are also some additional features available that add some extra flexibility to the product, but I’ll leave those for you to discover…


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