iPhone application developers, get ready – this one’s for you! Hate it or love it, the iPhone is a real gold mine for developers too, not just for Apple, the carriers and those into making accessories for it, so I decided to find some nice iPhone-related piece of code to expose here today, eventually bumping into WebApp.net… so here it is in all its glory! 😉

As far as the official mumbo-jumbo goes, WebApp.Net is “a light weight, powerful javascript framework taking advantage of AJAX technology.” Just like other similar products, WebApp.Net comes packing a full set of components that are ready to be used to ease development of advanced mobile apps and, since it’s client based, it can be used with any of the server side technologies you may think of, including PHP, ASP.Net or Python, but not limited to them, of course.

Why WebApp.Net? According to its homepage, “WebApp.Net was the first framework to demonstrate the new full screen capabilities of the latest firmware from Apple for iPhone and iPod Touch” and, if that’s not enough, I should also add that “free” thingie to the equation. Of course, donations are always welcome, so…

… no matter if you’re willing to pay for a free thing or not, if you’re an iPhone developer trying to get a better framework to get the job done properly, WebApp.Net may be your lucky shot. Good luck! 😉

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