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iPhone application developers, get ready – this one’s for you! Hate it or love it, the iPhone is a real gold mine for developers too, not just for Apple, the carriers and those into making accessories for it, so I decided to find some ...Read More


I don’t know about you, but “G5” sounds like an assault rifle to me – in fact, I am almost sure you have to find some military-related meaning for it, but since we’re supposed to be talking about webdev stuff here… let’s move to ...Read More

Sencha Touch

Not too long ago, we talked about mobl, “a new free and open source language designed specially to speed up building mobile applications.” Well, today we’ll move to another similar piece of code, namely Sencha Touch – after all, it’s incredible how popular became ...Read More

Not Just A Grid

From time to time, I discover sites with pretty good/useful content, but with layouts that make me wonder if my computer’s calendar isn’t showing a date that’s two decades ahead… Fortunately, there are plenty of tools for webmasters who want to use layouts to ...Read More


With DevHub you don’t need to pay a webdeveloper to build your website. Even if you don’t know nothing about website building, with DevHub even your grandpa can build his own website. You can build in a few steps a blog, a webhub, a ...Read More

Less Framework

I am sure you think that Android tablets, the whole iPad madness, these smartphones that get more powerful with each month are great, right? No matter if we’re looking at it from a regular user’s point of view or we take things seriously and ...Read More


Layouts, layouts, layouts – steal them, start from scratch, or grab some framework to get a foundation to build upon? It seems a lot of so-called “designers” decide to use the first approach these days, but as long as things like PrimaryCSS are available ...Read More


As I confessed some time ago, I am a lazy person, although sometimes I even surprise myself by being completely the opposite. Anyway, if I would be actively involved into Web development, I am sure that finding the right plugins and frameworks to work ...Read More


The way of the future seems clear – online, multi-user apps, with development cycles as short as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean the old ways will disappear, or that standalone desktop applications will see a very abrupt decline, it’s only the fact that ...Read More