I don’t know about you, but “G5” sounds like an assault rifle to me – in fact, I am almost sure you have to find some military-related meaning for it, but since we’re supposed to be talking about webdev stuff here… let’s move to the G5 framework, shall we?

Today’s main keywords should be HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery front end, framework and, best part of it all, free. G5 is free for personal and even commercial use as long as humans.txt remains unchanged and placed right inside the index head. If all these are not enough to make things clear, let me add that G5 is a framework that can help you to easily build PHP-powered HTML5 websites making use of resources like Modernizr, CSS3 Pie, jQuery and others, providing excellent compatibility even with older browsers, as well as a bunch of useful features, including GZip support, robots.txt / robots meta, shorthand CSS with some basic reusable classes, sticky footer and more.

G5‘s default design provides a 940 pixels total content width in a “F” shape, coming with a bunch of popular items like Orbit, Reveal or Tipsy. This freely available framework requires only PHP and, obviously, one of those major browsers – seems we’re getting more and more of them with each day, don’t you think? Anyway, if you encounter any problems with G5, don’t be shy and get back here to drop a comment – as long as it’s not spam or nonsense, it will be our pleasure to publish your thoughts. Thank you in advance! 😉

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