Facebook here, Facebook there, “like this” all over the Web… “like us on Facebook,” come on!!! I hate this, really! I got a Facebook account long before it became the New Mecca of the Web, but the more it becomes popular, the less I like it. I think we need a Facebook killer. I would really like to see one day a social network where you have to pass admission tests. Hard admission test, with randomly generated questions that should separate spammers and retards from the rest of us – quite a brilliant idea, don’t you think?

Friendika may be just the Facebook killer some developers and users may be looking for already, but it may be not such a thing. Anyway, the idea is that we’re talking about a distributed social network application that’s worth a try – it runs on PHP/MySQL/Apache, providing a bunch of Facebook’s features, but with less privacy issues for its users, of course! 😉

According to the official mumbo-jumbo, “a single Friendika installation supports up to several thousand members” and that’s just enough for the Facebook killer I mentioned in the first paragraph. On the other hand, I am sure that a capable server can help Friendika gather around a lot of people, especially since its features list looks pretty good – micro-blogging, photo/YouTube video sharing, photo tagging, serious privacy controls, yet simple, zero maintenance and so on. Interesting enough? Then go right here for a demo, will you? Good luck!

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