Confession time, once again! Deep inside, I am a lazy person. Sometimes, this becomes pretty obvious, but at least it doesn’t happen too often. For example, some buddies of mine released some job reviews site, and things are going pretty well for them. I was already thinking about releasing something like that, but slightly different (their site is about reviewing current/previous jobs, my idea was about something like, and the two things blocking my way to having that up & running were… only one, in fact: lack of time and “calling” to start working. Fortunately, I just found something to help me go through, although it won’t help me kill my lazy side once and for all…
… but it will help me remain lazy and get the job done at the same time! Its name? JoobsBox, of course! For those who would do anything but write a single line of code (I am usually a part of that gang, I must admit it), having such a CMS freely available is nothing less but a treasure. Just think about this – an open source job board application!!!

Yup, you got that right – JoobsBox allows your users to easily add job listings, without even having to create some user account, and predefined categories can be added to make this easy job even easier.

Built with PHP (Zend Framkework) and MySQL, JoobsBox comes with support for additional plugins, allowing you to enrich the list of current features as you wish. Sure, some coding may be needed here… or some research work, since probably somebody coded a plugin for your purpose already! 😉

Unfortunately, we’re still talking about an Alpha stage project, but since I’ve seen it at work on a few sites, I can say it’s ready to go already. After all, it has plugins, supports multiple languages, interface themes, and it’s even free! What else do you want from it?

Compatibility: all major browsers, of course; if you encounter any problems, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know about it, maybe someone can help!

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