One of these days, I will go out and start shooting. No, I am not crazy – I’ll take pictures, I won’t shoot anyone! Anyway, guns are illegal here, so we’ll stick to a bunch of images being displayed in a browser. Obviously, it’s about a free Flash image gallery, as you can see below…
… and its name is dfGallery, currently at version 2.0. Requiring only the Apache rewrite module with PHP 5+, php_json and php_curl extensions to be in place on your server, this free Flash gallery comes with a bunch of features, like customizable layout (custom themes/PNG skins), Flickr/Picasa gallery loading, AJAX & Multiple Image Uploads, background music… and it doesn’t stop here!

I don’t know what else there is to say, since the official page should say it all. By the way, the test image gallery with 3D chicks is awesome, you really need to check it out… and see how dfGallery works, too, in the process. 😉

Compatibility: all major browsers, as long as you have the Adobe Flash Player installed and working properly

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