A few days ago, I had to explain some WordPress-related things to someone who had a blog hosted on WordPress.com and switched to a .com domain and a WordPress blog installed right there. For most people, there shouldn’t be any big problem switching from yourblog.wordpress.com to yourblog.com, as long as they both use WordPress as a platform, right? Well, sometimes it’s not like that… and since I had to explain a lot of trivial things to the person I mentioned above, today I decided to find something that may help people who just want to blog and don’t care about the technical part at all. The result of my search? Pixie!

To me, Pixie looks like a pretty easy way of setting up a blog/general purpose site without being too much of a nerd. Some go as far as calling it “a CMS,” but its creators consider this to be only “a small, simple, website maker,” but as simple as it may be, it already has a bunch of good-looking themes available, not to mention the fact that installing it only takes a few seconds and the list of features includes a pretty nice WYSIWYG editor, automated database backups, SEO friendly URLs and even multilingual support. Awesome!

Released under GNU General Public License v3, Pixie is completely free, but donations are welcome. To install it, you’ll need a server with PHP 5 or later, MySQL 4.1 or later, while the browsers accessing it will have to be JavaScript-capable. Nothing out of this world, I guess, so this is all for today, folks! Enjoy Pixie and, if anyone who had a WordPress.com blog for more than a few days starts asking about Categories vs Tags… tell them to take this CMS for a ride (click here for demo)! 😉

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