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If you simply develop sites and then forget about them, you may consider yourself lucky. Hmmm… on the other hand, that means you don’t have any project of your own, which isn’t that good. On the other hand, maybe you got a friend taking ...Read More

Top paying keywords for Adsense

Every publisher knows what Adsense means. Google Adsense is the most important advertising network. Adsense is important especially for small websites, because is easier to implement a script on their website. If the website is bigger, they can afford to hire sales people or to develop complex advertising ...Read More

Google Trends

Most keyword-related tools come for a pretty high price, no matter if they are online ones, or specialized programs for your PC/Mac/mobile phone. Fortunately, there’s always some freebie to put the paid ones to shame, and the first one that comes into my mind, ...Read More