A few years ago, a friend of mine told me he was working on some project, and I asked him about the language used, being almost sure he was employing PHP to get the job done. The surprise came when I found out he was into ASP.NET, and I remembered about that story a few minutes ago, when I bumped into FormFields
… a piece of code that makes it easier to come up with form entry fields using ASP.NET by taking out of question those validation, dropdown list databinding, or regular expression headaches and handling them for you. Some may say this is for lazy people… but I would gladly cut my left arm instead of having to handle regular expressions!

The look and feel of the resulting forms can be customized via CSS, and FormFields’ basic requirements are only two: .Net Framework 3.5 & AjaxControlToolkit. These being said, I hope I just managed to help some of you escape those regular expression-power headaches. That would really make me happy, I can tell you! 😉

Compatibility: I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but it seems FormFields-generated forms work with all major browsers, since I tested it with Opera, Flock, IE8, as well as Safari

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